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SpoCode is an organization and hackathon centered around the concepts of uniting Spokane's programming community and using our powers for good. Like superheros, but nerdier.

GAMERHACK is coming

The next SpoCode hackathon is dubbed "GAMERHACK" because we're going to be doing some rad game development hacking. We'll be toying around with the Unity engine in both 3D and 2D flavors (or whatever else we might think up.)

While gaming itself isn't so much of a civic hackathon, our main goal is to bring together all of the developers in the Inland NW area and unite them in a common bond of brother/sister-hood, and game developers shouldn't be left out of all the fun :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a 24 hour event, and do I have to stay?
It's scheduled to go for 24 hours, but if you need to go home and nap or tuck in the kids, you're free to do whatever you need to do.
Do I need to be a programmer to attend?
No. Anyone is welcome to participate and hopefully contribute. Game dev usually needs some good design skills and definitely needs good storytelling skills.
Where does the entrance money go?
You'll be provided with 3 meals over the course of the event, plus enough Red Bull to make your eyes pop. We try to get sponsors to cover as much of the expense as we can, but that's not always possible for everything. Also, t-shirts.
What platforms do you build on?
We encourage participants to take advantage of the services offered by our sponsors, but we're cool with whatever works for you. At this event we'll be focusing primarily on the Unity engine, but feel free to do whatever.

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Where to find us:

On Github: https://github.com/spocode/

Twitter: @spocode

Twitter Hashtag: #spocode

IRCirc.freenode.net #spocode